We have been saving and sustaining lives for more than 100 years through our two independent nonprofit blood centers – Memorial Blood Centers and Nebraska Community Blood Bank – supplying essential blood resources to over 40 hospital partners throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, and northwestern Wisconsin. As a recognized leader in transfusion medicine, we provide:

We are licensed by the FDA and accredited by AABB and CLIA.

Innovative Blood Resources has developed strong alliances across the country to create greater economic advantages and to help us achieve our goal of meeting the needs of our customers for products and services 100% of the time.

National Blood Collaborative >> A vibrant national network helping ensure national coverage, with local and regional support from leading not-for-profit community-based blood centers, to deliver the solutions you need—often at more competitive prices.

Blood Centers of America >> An equity owner in this national distribution network of over 50 independent blood centers providing nearly 40% of the nation’s transfusion requirements.

National Blood Exchange >> A program of AABB — the primary resource-sharing program in the U.S. — relies on a nationwide network of blood facilities with a surplus of blood products to coordinate the distribution of nearly 200,000 units of blood and blood components each year.

America's Blood Centers >> North America's network of non-profit community blood centers, with members located in 45 states and Quebec, Canada, operating more than 600 donor centers and providing nearly 10 million blood components to hospital customers annually.

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